The holiday season is coming to a close but it is not over yet.  I am late posting my seasonal card but it was not late getting out.  In fact, I met my deadline on a client card as well, despite my hand injury.  I started designing both images in October and had completed the client project just prior to an early November trip. You can take that statement two ways and both would be correct.  I had a great week-long vacation hiking in Big Bend National Park only to trip and fall the day I returned. 

True to our tradition, my family card included a bike image.  The commissioned illustration, a Mini Cooper pulled by the clients' six dogs, was even more fun to do.  My hand is currently sporting a cast and drawing pencils are down for now.  Accidents happen and I am glad I worked ahead of schedule.  This has been a hard lesson but I will remember it into the New Year and beyond. 

Wishing all a successful and wiser 2015.


It is beginning to look a lot like Christmas around here.  It is card season, whether it be client, personal or promotional.  The snow boy and girl above are illustrations for cards that will be going out to my nieces and nephews.  The three dimensional embellishment of the hat strings and pom-poms are made from my grandmother's yarn scraps from decades ago. 

There is no snow here yet, but walking through the neighborhood today I spotted a yard full of wooden cutouts of various cartoon characters.  Each character was painted in holiday attire.  Nestled among them was Sylvester the Cat singing carols.  Think about it, and if that doesn't bring a smile to your face, well then humbug to you. 

An update on my holiday card for 2014 is coming soon.