Charleston, SC

I have been doing more traveling than drawing of late.  Our most recent sojourn was again to a coast but this time we drove East to Charleston, SC.  While the city was new to me, it is very old (at least by American standards).  Founded in 1670, it was originally named Charles Town in honor of King Charles II of England.  When I think of Charleston, I am most reminded of the Civil War, however, Charleston saw more than one battle during the American Revolution.

The city has a rich and often dark history of war, pirates, slavery, earthquakes and hurricanes. It is also a place of rebellion and rebirth.  If you are interested in exploring a piece of this history check out The Invention of Wings by Sue Monk Kidd, a novel based on the lives of true Charleston natives Sarah and Angelina Grimke.  Their childhood urban plantation home still stands today.

What drew us to Charleston was family.  Not one of us lives there, it was simply a gathering place for a family spread far and wide.  While I could have explored much more of the area and never tired, sometimes sitting on a porch with loved ones you rarely see is enough.