Children's book author Susanna Leonard Hill is sponsoring a contest for illustrators on her blog and I decided to submit an entry.  Participants were asked to chose a story from a list of the winners of her recent fairy tale writing contest and create a cover illustration.  I chose the story The "Princess" and the Pete by Jennifer Caritas which offers a modern twist on the The Princess and the Pea.  You can find Jennifer's story here.

This was a fun project and I thank Susanna for the opportunity.  I look forward to getting some feedback because I am always looking for ways to improve.  You can check out all the artists' entries on Susanna's blog.


Happy Earth Day!

This happy fellow is Jack and he asks "Mommy, are there as many numbers as there are people in the whole world?" in a book I illustrated in 2011.  That book, "Mommy How Many Number Are There?" by Becky Schantz is scheduled to come out in hardback later this year.  In the mean time, he seemed a perfect ambassador for today.


Violets are a symbol of awakening, or renewal, for they bloom in 
early Spring as nature wakes from the Winter sleep.

Adding digital color reinvents the drawing from the previous post.
Happy Spring.