May your troubles be less, 
and your blessings be more, 
and nothing but happiness 
come through your door.




The St. Louis Art Museum (SLAM) recently held their annual Art in Bloom exhibition.  On this weekend, floral arrangements by local designers are displayed near the works of art that have been assigned as inspiration.  The flowers this year were as vivid and varied as the art throughout the museum.  The designers successfully conveyed the colors, composition and even chaos found in the paintings, sculptures, quilts and stained glass windows with which they were paired.  In one instance a floral still life was perfectly replicated in real life. 

Other museums offer this special exhibition and I encourage you to check it out when available.  Below is a small example of the work that was featured at SLAM.  Enjoy.

Floral design inspired by Bathers with a Turtle by Henri Matisse

Floral design inspired by Dark Abstraction by Georgia O'Keeffe