Not my cat but a very loved and sweet impostor.

I always considered myself a dog person until I got a cat. Now I am a dog and cat person. Cats are pretty special beings and there is no better stress reliever than a cat on your chest. I speak from experience.

With Spring cleaning this year came purging. An XL t-shirt that fit no one had to go. But no self-respecting artist could part with a tee featuring a Ralph Steadman illustration. NO, so I made a cat tent. 

A t-shirt, safety pins, cardboard, tape, hangers, a cat bed and viola!

This no-sew design featured here was relatively easy to do. My tent did not turn out as neat as the final product shown in the video but my cat likes it just fine. Advanced in years, I thought she might be a bit wary of this new contraption. Instead, she was curled up in it in no time. 

Since I have touched on the subject of recycling in this post, I would like share a tip. Friends recently turned me on to a convenient opportunity at our local Schnucks grocery stores. (I once heard a spectator behind me at a Cardinals game, after seeing an advertisement, ask "What is a Schnuck?")  At each store entrance is a Trex recycling bin for all kinds of hard to recycle plastics including those cat and dog treat zip closure bags. For a complete list of items they will take, see their website.

         Plastic now recyclable.     My cat asking for what she wants.

We love our pets and will do anything for them. In return they give us so much more. One special gift is their sly ability to expand our horizons.

Cats seem to go on the principle that it never does any harm 

to ask for what you want.