It's August and that means the Sturgis Motorcycle Rally is on.  From the fourth until the tenth of this month, the small town of Sturgis, South Dakota, will host nearly a half a million people from all fifty states and abroad.  Some of the finest riding can be found in the area including: beautiful Spearfish Canyon outside Deadwood, the Black Hills with Mt. Rushmore, and the back roads to Devils Tower in Wyoming.  But people make the rally.  Riding with old friends, making new memories along the way, is what it is all about. 

This drawing was done for a friend in honor of her birthday.  It features her bike and Snoopy, her Great Dane.  Neither Snoopy nor I advocate taking your dog for a ride, but it is fun to imagine--and draw. 

If you are heading to Sturgis, RIDE SAFE.  And
leave your dog at home.