I fell.  It was a jolt in more ways than one.  I fell hard and sprained my hand, my drawing hand. My thumb took the brunt of the impact and has been nonfunctional.  As an artist I have been nonfunctional.  It is a wake up call when you can no longer do something by which you are defined.  My thoughts of late have gone to knitters who can no longer knit, cooks who can't open a jar or can, and other crafts persons that now struggle in their task due to an arthritic, missing, or damaged hand. I had taken my ability for granted.  My hand is on the mend and I will be most thankful this upcoming holiday.

The illustration was done some time ago with markers that were given to me from a friend.  The image fit the time of year.  I hope to be drawing again soon, and with new found enthusiasm.