What do you do on a rainy day in the desert?  Get out your drawing pencils, of course.  During a recent Southwest stay I did just that and the result is pictured above.  Illustrated is a javelina.  Sightings are common where we stay and their skunk-like scent will give their presence away even when not seen.  Javelina are peccary which are native to the Americas--they are not pigs.  The pig family originated in Afro-Eurasia.  So called "razorback" hogs found wild in parts of the US are descendants of escaped domestic pigs brought by European settlers.  If you are interested in learning more about javelina, click here.

Photos have been tough for me to acquire. Most javelina sightings occur at night when they are most active. When I do happen upon a daytime encounter my phone is usually zippered away. The photos I have managed to capture are blurred due to my haste. While not aggressive, javelina are best kept at a distance.

Wildlife encounters are one of the joys of desert living. Other recent sightings include coyote and mule deer. Ravens also have a special appeal with their gurgling croaks and whooshing wing flaps on the wind.  But I'll save ravens for another post.

Until then.