It is World Turtle Day!  Founded in 1990, it was started to help increase respect and knowledge for the world's oldest creature. 

Many a time the family car of my childhood stopped on a rural road to help a turtle get to the other side safely.  A time or two we took a turtle home for the weekend--something that is not recommended for the sake of the poor turtle.  We all know better now and our love of turtles endures.

Please celebrate the beauty of the Missouri box turtle, the Florida sea turtle, and the like.  Help preserve turtle and tortoise species throughout the world.  It would be a diminished world without them. Check out tortoise.com for more information.


  1. Anne, I had no idea there was a "World Turtle Day"! Yours is adorable :) Your comment brings to mind when I was a kid and we had two little turtles. Who knew?