If Susanna Leonard Hill says she is going to send you something, believe her. My cover design for The "Princess" and the Pete came in fifth in her First Ever Pretty Much World Famous Illustration Contest. (See previous post.) As the title suggests, this was a fun event that introduced me to the supportive group of children's book writers, illustrators and fans that follow her blog.  Contest results were posted Monday; Susanna gave me the choice of one of five books as my prize, and my book arrived on Friday.  Not bad.

Without hesitation I chose Writing with Pictures by Uri Shulevitz.  In 2010, I had the privilege of meeting him at a local book signing.  He was kind and very supportive of my efforts in publishing. You can check out his many books here. The photo above shows my new book and Mr. Shulevitz's signature from our meeting years ago.


  1. Anne, first I wanted to say that I REALLY love your illustration. I had to choose between yours and Julie's and it wasn't easy! Of all the entries, including my own, I thought she covered all the "PB cover" bases, including the "spot from a mile, stand out" quality on a bookshelf. I'm STILL impressed by her characterization and really hope she does something with that rabbit :) But the craft, content and beauty of your illustration can't be denied. It's actually your quality of artwork that made me instantly decide to follow your blog :)

    And the book? You picked THE best book on the subject, in my opinion :) How wonderful you got to meet Uri! His signature looks so cool, so expressive :) Congrats on all of it, and I KNOW you'll LOVE that book. It's the first one I recommend when asked :)

    1. Thank you for your comments. It means a great deal coming from an illustrator, especially one as talented as you. I have only begun Mr. Shulevitz's book but it has already been enlightening. Donna, I look forward to following your blog as well!