2015 Holiday Card
2015 Holiday Card Detail

May the new year be a joyous ride!

Some may say the elf on top has talent but those that know their bikes would say that the bottom elf is more skilled.   A jockey shift and open primary require a dexterity most do not possess.  Sometimes a little extra knowledge changes your perspective.

Wishing you and yours a safe journey.


  1. Another wonderful Christmas card! I love the fun elves and great perspective! Lots of movement and the snow and glitter make it very festive! Well done, Anne!

    1. Thank you, Kim! This was a fun image to draw. And glitter remains on, under, and throughout my work space.

      I hope readers take the time to check out the fun Christmas polar bear on your blog as well. As the waters rise and temperatures drop around here, he would feel right at home.